Gravel has replaced concrete as the principal building material. It is used in many places. Gravel has a more natural look than cement, perfect concrete driveway resurfacing and steel. Another one of its desirable features is its cost efficiency. However, gravel floors need to be binded together. Gravel floors are made of small bits of stone known as gravel and they need to be held together. 

A pour on gravel binder is perfect for the purpose. It can be used to bind gravel in it’s place. A pour on gravel binder is a cheap solution to keep gravel binder to the floor. It can be used as a cost effective alternative to other ways of keeping gravel bound. A pour on gravel binder is a do it yourself way of keeping gravel in it’s place. 

A gravel floor can be installed at any place in the household. It can be used both indoors and outdoors but is mostly used outdoors. This is because is is rugged and is excellent at withstanding weather. A gravel floor can often loosen up and this can cause the gravel to break free. This means that a binding agent needs to hold the floor in place. A pour on gravel binder can be used on a periodic basis. The most common frequency of usage for a pour on gravel binder is on a weekly basis. A pour on gravel binder should not be used more often than that. This is because it is not necessary to use it more than once a week or so. In places with hot and dry climates, people can go there to four weeks at a stretch without using a pour on gravel binder. This is because in hot and dry places, gravel can stay bound to it’s place for much longer. 

Places that have wet and humid weather often experience more gravel breakage. This means that pour on gravel binder needs to be used more frequently at such places. This is because water from the rain can make gravel unravel from it’s place on the floor. The gravel is usually laid on a compact bed of clay or dirt which holds it in it’s place. A pour on gravel binder is then applied with a machine go make the gravel stick to the floor and with other pieces of gravel. The pour on gravel binder can either be used with a hand it a machine dedicated to binding gravel to floor.

Most people use a special machine to apply a pour on gravel binder. It can also be applied manually but the process takes much longer and is not penetrative enough. Most people opt to use a mechanical device when using a pour on gravel binder on their driveways.