2nd hand shipping containers

Our 2nd hand shipping containers for sale are obtained straight from major shipping lines or leasing firms. These containers are appropriate for export or storage. While they might have a few dents, scratches, and surface rust, they are evaluated and fixed to a high quality before leaving our depot, providing you with a guaranteed and structurally sound container with strong doors, door seals, and floor. Second hand shipping containers are the most affordable containers we provide and, despite their look, should provide many years of high-quality storage. If cosmetic appeal is crucial, please choose our restored shipping container range or our new shipping container line.

Reasons to do business with us

  • All of our  2nd hand shipping containers for sale are fully wind and waterproof.
  • Our secondhand containers are all obtained directly from shipping lines
  • Our secondhand storage containers are covered by a 12-month warranty for natural water or climate infiltration.
  • All of our export shipping containers include a CSC plate.
  • Our staff is professional and informed, and they will assist you in selecting the best product for your needs.

We will not be undersold on pricing. Kindly call us if you require assistance with this.

Covering for Shipping Containers

By installing a welded shipping container roof cover, you can transform your old shipping containers into a usable and safe storage or working environment. By simply covering the gap above shipping containers with our revolutionary steel roofing, we deliver an affordable solution for a multitude of purposes. Our creations, such as a shipping container garage, may turn unused space into something useful. But wait, there’s more! Some unusual use for shipping container roofs include:

  • Homes
  • Storage of Heavy Machinery
  • Storage on the Work Site
  • Offices and dining areas are available on-site.

And so much more!

Clients can employ cargo containers and the area between them for secure storage. Companies save both time and money as a result of this. Steel roofs built of wearability, commercial grade steel, making them among the toughest constructions on the planet. Our metal roofing solutions prevent corrosion and eliminate future maintenance expenditures, and our paneling is guaranteed by a 25-year warranty.

Shipping container roof cover have a clear span design that provides 100% usable area and is ideal for industrial, residential, or construction environments. In contrast to fabric covers, which wear and tear fast, our container covers are designed to last for long years after they are purchased. They are or before to fulfil your location’s wind, weather, and structural design requirements. Our Container coverings can be customized to match any job site. They can be open ends or covered, and the size can be tailored to the length between the two containers and the project’s height needs. Even once a job is completed, they are built to be readily moved to a new job site because our corporate metal roof solutions can be either permanent or movable. Our coverings for shipping containers are the greatest alternative on the market when you need an affordable, secure industrial storage solution.