A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of multiple things. If we see in our daily life, the role of a thermometer is apparently zero but if we look in a little depth only then we come to know the importance of a thermometer. There are many kinds of thermometers available in a market. The task of each thermometer is to measure the heat and temperature, but it varies medium to medium and its sizes. It is a common perception that thermometers are only being used for industrial purpose which is not true. It is used at many other places too.  

Let’s have a look at the areas where we use thermometer extensively. 

  • Household Uses: 

The household purpose of bi-metal thermometer are as follows. 

  1. Oven: 

As we all know the purpose of oven at home. It is used for cooking food, grilling different things and baking sweets, deserts and other dishes. There are different types of ovens available in a market. There is one thing in all the ovens is common is the thermometer. It controls and shows the temperature of an oven. Cooking in oven, needs a good maintained temperature. 

  1. Air Conditioner: 

We are only concerned about the cooling in our rooms or home. We never focused on a thought that how it is producing cooling even in hot weather. There are many things that makes it cool and one of them is bi metallic thermometer. 

  1. Refrigerator: 

Refrigerator also has a bi-metallic thermometer installed in it. It helps in measuring and maintaining the temperature of refrigerator. We often have observed in a refrigerator that when it cools, it automatically turns off the compressor and when temperature is rising from the set temperature, it again turns on and hence the temperature maintains. 

  • Industrial Uses: 

The industrial uses of bi-metallic thermometer as mentioned below. 

  1. Hot Wires: 

We have to heat the wires for many industrial purposes. We have to heat them at a particular temperature. So, what we do is, we have a bi-metallic thermometer. It measures the intensity of heat during heating up the wire.  

  1. Heaters: 

Heaters are not only used in industries but also used for household purposes. To make many things, we have to follow the set temperatures. Heaters have a bimetallic thermometer. So, if you want to buy a thermometer for industrial or household purpose then come to Floyd instruments. We have all kinds of thermometers and air pressure gauges available. We provide quality products at pocket friendly prices. Visit our website or call us for more details.  air-pressure-guages