If you are someone who has recently started a chicken farm and are worried of the fact about how to take care of their comfort and provide them with a proper chicken bedding area then we are here to solve that problem for you. To make it clear at first, one should know that a lot of people think that chickens stink, but that is not the fact, in fact, it is more of a myth that they stink. Of course, when they are crammed up at a specified place where there is no proper shelter or air then it can create unreasonable odors. However, if you would like to know more about chicken bedding, we are here to guide you of the same.

The number one way to keep the area free of bad odor and to make the chickens healthy is to provide them with a bedding under which they are comfortable in. A proper use of bedding also known as litter in layman terms have a variety but to figure out the right one is the actual deed. In order to find out the perfect bedding for chickens, one must look for an option that has an ability to absorb moisture, provide the chickens a chance to dust themselves and lastly, allow the floor to insulate from cold weather too.

In fact, the best part about chickens is the fact that they don’t urine. All they produce is a dry solid feces which keeps the bedding dry. As a result, this means that one doesn’t really need to worry of the fact that the bedding should have a higher quality of absorption property in them. If you are looking for the best materials for chicken beddings, then the most common ones are wood shavings or saw dust.

Wood shavings have a natural pleasant smell in them and are highly known to be the best absorbents. Although they are considered to be a bit expensive but still are ideal for chicken bedding. Also, if you are wondering how much such a bedding material would cost you then to give you an estimate, a four to six inches of dry wood is easily workable to last for at least 6 months as a bedding material. Once this time period has passed, you can remove or replace these shavings with the new stock.

One can also use straw as a bedding material for chickens as they are considered cheap in nature but the frequency of having them replaced is relatively more as compared to wood shavings which demands a replacement every six months on an approximate basis.