If you are someone who is living in Australia or even planning to visit Australia, then you might already know about the amazing destinations that this small country withholds. Surrounded by a majestic sea on all sides, Australia is home to some of the world’s most amazing and unique wildlife, nature and plant species, habitats and more! This is why it is worth traveling all over the country to get a glimpse of what it has to offer. Australia is surrounded by islands and as the third large of all, kangaroo island holds a very special place in the hearts of people. Named because of the abundant number of kangaroos in the island, it has now become a hot spot for people who love nature and wildlife and even people who are seeking adventures! So, if you have a day to spare from work or if you are looking forward to exploring Australia, this is a place that you simply must visit! So, below are 3 great places that you have to see when you visit Kangaroo island.

Seal bay conservation park

When you visit the southern coast of the island, you will come across something rather spectacular indeed. You would be able to see Australian sea lions basking up the sun over the beach and simply spending time with their young. By going on a cheap wildlife tours in Kangaroo Island, you are able to visit and enjoy the presence of these beautiful endangered animals from a safe distance and make memories of a life time.

The vivonne bay

If you are mostly in to scenery that is spectacular, more than wildlife, then your ideal destination would be Vivonne bay. Vivonne bay is situated a few miles away from seal bay conservation park and it is a sight to take in for sure! penguin tours ni Kangaroo Island and seeing vivonne bay Will let you see just how beautiful nature is. Turquoise waters and crystal-clear beaches are a speciality of vivonne bay, so it a place that would completely mesmerize you for sure.

Flinders chase national park

Flinders chase national park is actually one of the most significant places in all of Australia for many reasons. It is home to a lot of native wildlife such as kangaroos, koala bears, wallabies and more. It also homes a lot of endangered species of animals as well. The whole park is completely natural and untouched, which is what makes it so special. A drive through flinders chase national park will surely blow your mind!