Being an owner of the office who always wants to provide as comfort as the possible environment to their workers like from which they can easy to work or easy to perform their task efficiently like when we talk about a company which nowadays depends on their workers performance similarly if their workers performance would down mean their company image would be down as well as if your worker performance would be increased then ultimately your company performance would be increase so in these reasons most of the companies arrange some picnics with their workers and arrange some musical nights with their employees just to make them as fresh as possible as well as people arrange their offices  fully decorated and adorable from which their employee feel fresh in their office and perform their task properly as well as make proper notification delivering in every department or in small offices like nowadays when we talk about spreading company notification from one employee to another employee is getting complicated for large company employees but for a small company it is not as big problems so, for this reason, most of the companies add notice boards in their offices like when we talk about cork notice board which is an old method for sharing their message to their employees like if the company arranging some event or picnic to their employee similarly in most of the cases like people raise their reason like they do not get electronic mail or electronic notification about things or noticing which is can be acceptable because sometime electronic mail can make issue as well so, for this reason, installation of notice board is one of the best strategies to share information between employees and no one can deny regarding notifying as well.

So now when we discuss notice board benefits in which the main benefits is to motivate their worker or share their appreciation in the entire office like this employee make good work in an entire month or employee of the months and other things from which employees get the motivation to give their best as maximum as possible to their company similarly when we talk about it is the best way to get feedback from their employees like supposing that if you send your some wrong feedback to their authority so maybe you can face some issues in their work and now when we talk about feedback on notice board in which people can give their good or bad feedback without showing their name on it and in electronic mail people can easy to track bad feedback person and other benefits from which most of the companies are now attaching notice board in their department and in their offices accordingly.

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