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You can depend on David Cremer Piano Services to provide top-notch service for all your piano tuning needs as well as upright piano repairs in Sydney and beyond. Despite specialising in Steinway, Blüthner, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Yamaha, and Kawai pianos, David tunes and services all brands of pianos. He regularly works on the new instruments for Kawai Pianos Australia. Additionally, he consistently works for Carlingford Music. You can relax knowing that your piano is in the capable hands of one of the most skilled piano tuner in Sydney Eastern Suburbs has to offer thanks to his extensive understanding of different piano brands.

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You might be surprised to learn that your piano doesn’t go out of tune because you constantly play the piano. The atmosphere and the piano’s continual movement or tilting are the key contributing elements. The wood expands or contracts as a result of environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, which makes the piano out of tune. David knows the answer to this issue. You need a skilled piano tuner Sydney eastern suburbs households and businesses rely on since shifting or tilting the piano can shift critical components out of line. Not only that. For any piano restorations in the Sydney area, David performs complete internal rebuilds of both upright and grand pianos. He only hires the best individuals to handle exterior casework and repolishing, such as Will Restore and Jim Gogov. Along with advise on selling their old pianos, David also offers suggestions on how to buy new pianos.

In Sydney, providing trustworthy upright piano repairs

In order to create the same musical atmosphere in a room as a grand piano without taking up as much floor space, upright pianos are a great alternative. We at David Cremer Piano Services recognise the emotional relationship owners have to their pianos and work hard to provide each and every one of our customers with unrivalled upright piano repair services in Sydney. We have a plethora of industry experience, so regardless of your make or model, we’re confident we can find a solution to meet your demands. Additionally, our technicians will look inside the vehicle to look for any indications that shifting or movement may have caused the structure to fall out of alignment, which would damage the tuning. With this thorough approach, you will receive a diagnosis of the cause of your piano’s tuning drift, a remedy ranging from quick tuning to repairs and restoration, and priceless guidance on how to stop further damage.